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Jim Cerne
BirthdayFriday, February 08, 1946
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About Me
About Me

We are a Christian based family, live on a small ranch in Kansas, 3 kids and 5 grandchildren. I was raised in a small "coal mining/farming community in SE Kansas. It was here that I learned
the value of Faith, hard work, dedication and commitment.

Raised in a Christian family, we were taught the "Golden Rule"


         "Treat others as you wish others to treat you".

Life started out quite simple for me with no perks or "silver spoons". If I wanted to survive, I had to work for it. High School and College revolved around work, Rodeo Contestant and football player which were followed by employment with an insurance company and becoming a professional "farrier". As life moved forward, Family became the driving force in my life. I desired more family time which could not be obtained while working for someone else. Thus, I became unemployed and Self-employed at the same time, this way I could control both my work schedule and income. No more Boss except for our Creator


                                              The Greatest Man in History

Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master.
Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.
Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.
He had no army, yet kings feared Him..
He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.
I feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us!

As retirement neared and reaching all of my previously set goals, it was time for another change in my life. I needed more time to spend with my grand children(all 5), thus the need to work from wherever I happened to be visiting
Obvious to me, I needed to leave the insurance business and become involved with something which could not only allow me to travel, spend time with my grandchildren and not decrease my standard of living.

I had always heard about all the business successes being created on the internet and decided to pursue a “new career” on the internet. The first couple of years were quite a struggle until I met some “old hands” at internet marketing. Believe me; the learning curve was really shortened after meeting my new mentors. It was with their help that I can again write a Success story. Hopefully,
YOU will be part of that story!


Here is what your friendship with me will do for you. I will show you how to advertise
what ever business you are passionate about and get paid for doing so. What would
it be like if you knew you were making a 25% profit, even if your advertising did
not reach individuals who wanted to become involved with the business you are
personally passionate about.

We will pay you to advertise with us, you can find out how for "FREE" just by visiting:


When you visit our website, Do Not just pass pass over it without reading some of
the testimonies and requesting additional information where you can view the
video presentation. This just mayby the site which will "not only make your
current business more profitable, but would create a real Income Stream for you.

Jim Cerne
skype: goldman-1



Because of our heritage and Spiritual beliefs, we are currently involved with

a NEW CHURCH plant and by changing the way I market, I now have more

time to devote to the development of this Church. Perhaps, the Church

name is quite different, and will bring up a lot of questions. But, that is good.

This gives us the chance to share the message.


"the RISEN RANCH Cowboy Church"
Carthage, Missouri


We have went through a lot of education, training and life experiences,

but we have found the Best Study Guide  is the BIBLE.  We are NOT what

some would refer to as "holy rollers" or Bible thumpers, we do NOT impose
our beliefs on anyone but we will share our thoughts with anyone who asks.


We just operate our personal and business lives  as we are instructed within the


We have been richly blessed and it is our intent to share what we have learned
with anyone who is willing to invest a bit of time to enhance there own future.

Our mentors are still around everyday, to help us help you.


Do not go away without contacting us, get acquainted and perhaps we can both
profit from our new friendship.


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Helen Gibbs - (8/13/2011 6:07:44 AM) : Hi Jim, Long time no see. How are you? I had no computer for months, now I just got this, lost my skype and had to get another one ID helengibbscircle65 Hope to chat with you soon Blessings Always, Helen
Cheryl Maples - (2/8/2011 2:32:51 AM) : Happy Birthday, Jim! Enjoy your day! Cheryl
Cheryl Maples - (2/8/2010 1:40:34 AM) : Happy Birthday, Jim! Have a great day! Cheryl
Matunda Pero - (2/13/2008 2:41:10 PM) : It is good to be proud of his own country. This is a proof that Jim is a good patriot.
Jim Cerne - (2/13/2008 2:41:10 PM) : Matunda, certainly appreciate your rating, we certainly have a lot to be Thankful for and I am proud to stand up for Our God and Country. Appreciate the rating. Jim
Larry Blethen - (2/3/2008 9:07:29 AM) : Jim is a good person..I can tell by the way he waves his country flag. I am a Veteran and I like to others to be proud..Larry
Jim Cerne - (2/3/2008 9:07:29 AM) : Larry, we have to stand up for what our country was built around, the Faith, Principles and the fact that most people do not understand which needs to be pointed out to the World. In all wars, the victors always take land from their enemies. NOT in the case of the USA, the only land we have taken in our Victories was the land needed to bury our soldiers who died fighting for other's Freedom.
Appreciate your rating. Jim
Ed Baker - (12/20/2007 10:27:14 AM) : glade to be your friend a great web site for any one looking to make mone with a little payment.
Jim Cerne - (12/20/2007 10:27:14 AM) : Ed, my apologies for not responding sooner, I did not know this was available. Just learning about these social sites. I do appreciate your rating. In additon, I have found a way to even get started with less money in to the same program. Again, thanks for the rating.
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