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Phillip Hudson
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About Me
Located in a small village called Stone Mountain, Georgia some 15 miles east of Atlanta. I am married with 2 grown children, a son and a daughter. My daughter has our only grandchild, a 16 year old daughter ( Blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair!). I have been to quite a lot of different places and met a lot of people--mostly military since I am retired Disabled Air Force Veteran. My son, age 38 and single, drives a Harley-Davidson called a V-Rod which is the name the company came out with in 2003--their 100th Anniversary. 150 MPH but never ( so he says) wide open ! I have never ridden any kind of motorcycle and don't intend to start now at my age ! ( Guess all day--I won't tell ! ) At this point in my life, I am and have been on-line with my APPLE/MacIntosh for the past 5 or so years. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in working with Affiliate relationships and various companies and currently in the process of recruiting sub-affiliates for 2 ( two) of my downlines, one of which is open NATION-WIDE. (Think MONEY ). I am an ADLANDER PRO member and hopefully I will eventually be sucessful. If you are interested, I am always open to write and/or talk on the phone with most anyone. I also plan to purchase and install VOIP and can then talk with anyone that is equipped likewise. Thanks for reading and good luck. My best wishes to all members. May we all reach out through our community and help one another without reservation or recourse. My wish is to all members for a Joyous Holiday and a prosperous New Year of 2007. Phillip Hudson United States Air Force (Ret.) LIFE MEMBER : Disabled American Veterans Stone Mtn, Georgia
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