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one CELL, one SELF, one WORLD ! ! 
How can I send fireworks in an email ???  Having just returned from the First International Stem Tech Convention, I'm trying to find words to describe it. In the next few weeks you will all learn what's new and hot!  Stem Tech has sent out an email tonight giving you information about the new Vice Presidents, each an expert in network marketing and according to different world markets!!!  At the Gem Team meeting before the convention started, we met each of them.  Stunning array of talent and expertise and each one of them had their own charisma that pleased us.   They all had the concept and the vision of taking StemEnhance to the world.
Right now Ray Carter, Pres. & CEO and Jonathan Lim, VPAsian Markets, are on their way to the orient.  Ray did crash courses in those languages !!!!  Erroll Lester, VP African Markets will be going back to South Africa - first African country to be opened.  There is progress being made to set up a headquarters in Canada.  
Stem Tech also has a philanthropic project of getting the product to areas that are in great need - like in Africa,  where they have extreme HIV cases. 
Keep watching your backroom for changes during the month of April.  There will be a new look on the web site - even in your backroom with more "tools" to help you see what you need to move up in rank - taking the guesswork out.  We're going to have to go to more of Teresa Curtis's and Izzy Matos'  backroom training !!!!!  I was really impressed when they showed all we would be able to do there.  For the general sessions they had 4 big screens which we could watch from any location in the big room .  Eventually, you will probably see all that we saw because cameras were going all the time. 
I was able to buy the new pet products ( StemPets for dogs)  and StemEnhance sample packs and some extras of the latest magazine, HealthSpan,  - which am sure will be offered on the shopping cart and you will get a copy in your next shipment.  It has great pet testimonials !!!    You will definitely want some - look on the shopping cart in your backroom.  You can sell these pack to get someone started.   If you came in with just the $25 enrollment, you must use the company web site where you have a limited backroom - but a full shopping cart.  Enter as distributor with your ID # and password (hope you all are using"password" as the password.
Suggestion:  Check out all the small town pet stores, feed stores, groomers, etc.  - besides every dog organization for prospects. 
There will be a Director Leadership Conference  - for Directors and above only, Sept. 7-9 in Newport Beach CA.  Have already signed up for it.  Start working to get to Director level ASAP! !  If you are a Director now, you can sign up for it at and register.   Space is limited, and many at the convention signed up. 
How does this all affect you?  If you know anyone in a foreign country or knows someone who does, get better acquainted and start paving your future.  Also - start talking about pet products - everyone knows someone with a dearly loved pet = and remember, the owners all have bodies, eat, breathe and get older every year.   They all need StemEnhance ! This is a HUGE market - just in our country alone.  StemPets for cats - will be coming soon - they took longer getting it right and tested on cats because cats are so finicky ! !  
Sunday morning, the last general session, was a highlight for all of us because of the wonderful, inspiring, talk given by Christian Drapeau, sharing his vision of improving the quality of life world-wide.  Everyone wishes they had a copy of it - maybe we will.   No wonder those new VPs were anxious to join and participate ! ! 
We had an opportunity to give a hug to so many of our downlines, to some who weren't in our upline or downline.  Talk about "birds of a feather" flocking together.  We greeted each other - in the halls, in the classes, having breakfast, lunch and dinner! !  To be so surrounded with positive people with the same goal of helping others was energizing, to say the least!  I had a chance to give a hug to the man you may have heard on conference calls who became Triple Diamond in less than a year - even though he was blind and crippled.  He disn't say "I can't" - he said "I can" - and he did !    His wheelchair was put up on the stage several times - and he won one of the BMWs. (His wife will drive it)
There was not a single attendee who didn't leave the event with a  firm conviction of the integrity of company, Stem Tech,  and the integrity of the other distributors! 
 I am so happy and glad that I have a Stem Tech business that is growing daily and helping a lot of people with their health needs - and their financial needs.
Note:  Be sure to catch Izzy Matos's training call on Wednesday. 9PM EST  646-519-5860  Pin 5445 #   
  We want you to feel a part of our whole Stem Tech family so come when you like to Our Group call on Friday nights. It's interactive and you may ask questions about product, business, how to get started, how to leverage your income --- whatever.  This Friday I will be telling what we learned, what we experienced at the convention.  You just don't yet realize what a great company and great product we have !!!  Even the leaders were blown away by the scope of our activity and the potential of healing the world ! !  Friday  7 PM PST, 8 MST, 9 CST, 10 PM EST.  1-646-519-5860  Pin 2415# 

Creating healthy, wealthy habits for mankind,  Blessings 
What have you done for your stem cells lately?
Stem Cells: Use your own
What causes our bodies to renew & rebuid? For the answer
More information/recorded 1-620-294-2904
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Phyl Franklin 970-985-4076
Toll free for long distance: 1-877-696-8581 Tell me if calling this number, please.
Email:  Business opportunity available.
Neglect your health and it WILL go away !

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