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Diane And Phillip Runyan
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About Me

I'm Going All Natural!

My name is Diane Runyan and I believe in conservation of the Earth and Earth friendly products. That is what drew me to Melaleuca, nearly 400 products that are not harmful to the Earth, people or animals! I am a mother of two and a grandmother of one five year old. I want the world to be in good shape when she grows up, so she can enjoy it. But at the rate we are putting toxins in our water system and plastics in our landfills, the chance is small. I bet you didn't even know that Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo has formadehyde in it. It is just listed by it's chemical name to cover it up. Do you really want to put formadehyde on you child's head? I didn't! I bought my granddaughter Melaleuca children's shampoo, and fast. Just about any cleaning, bathing, first-aid, make-up, skin care or vitamin product is available with no noxins - all natural and the price usually beats that of the grocery stores. Call me for a short presentation. 870-345-4411.

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