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Jon Moreshead
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About Me

Trained as a Family Physician, I quickly became disenchanted with pushing drugs while just as quickly becoming intrigued with "alternative" modalities. Nutrition, organic farming and stumbling around the vocational world soon followed. Stumbling has led to, most recently, becoming a Massage Therapist (which I love - can do with the hands what the drugs could never do) and a teacher of massage therapy students. I also have fallen in love with personal development literature, concepts and practices,  and growing relationships, all caused by my previous failure to earn sufficient amounts of dollars. Internet and network marketing have followed, becoming the tools. Lots of technology and lots of challenge - the perfect combination! Now I am an opportunity junkie, trying to figure out how to make the next product fit all the others under this umbrella of health and wellness and improved relationships. I am involved in way too many products and projects, but it is all (and they all are) about helping us become what we need and wish to become. Awesome! Also providing some of my own "products" mostly information. A monthly newsletter of alternative medicine approaches with other stuff wrapped in as well. Feel free to reply for the link if interested.


Family consists of:


Wife of 30 years (she markets the coolest, nontoxic candle in the world!)


Son 23 who runs (and I help) a Lawn & Land service. doing some really marvelous plantings recently, transforming folks' exteriors into places of beauty. (We have an awesome landscape designer working with us) Looking to expand into the organic fertilizer products - save lives of kids, cats, dogs and the rest of us as well!


Son almost 16, about to drive on his own, bigtime into music and drama and musical drama.



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