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Diana Cote
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About Me

My name is Diana.  I am a divorced mother with 2 sons.  One of them is 24 years old and in the Marine corp since Jan, 2002.  He graduated high school in 2000 and tried to get into the corp right after graduating, but they rejected him due to a football injury in his knee.  After 9-11 he went back to the recruiting station and the people he had been trying to sign up with were no longer there, so he signed up with the new staff and just didn't tell them about his knee!  His 5-year enlistment is up in December.  He hasn't decided yet if he will re-enlist.  He got married almost 2 years ago and is stationed and lives in N. Carolina, Cherry Point.  My other son was just 9.  He has ADHD, conduct disorder and bipolar-psychotic type, so I have my hands full!  He attends a partial hospitalization program school where he is the most violent kid in his class and I may end up home schooling him because the staff has had a hard time with his behaviors and keeping the other children safe.  I hope it does not come to that! 

I am disabled from a car accident in 1998 when I struck a car as it ran through a flashing red light.  I have pain in my neck and back; my knees are shot and I have memory problems.  I have pain in my neck and low......LOL  After a few months, I was able to get a job again, but as a home care nurse with a client that only needed monitoring.  My younger son and I have moved back with my ex-husband so that he will be able to help me with our son.  It isn't working and we will probably move out again in the next few months, but live close enough that Dad will be able to visit whenever he wants to.

I enjoy reading, mostly things like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia (the complete set, not just the first book), and medical and legal mysteries.  I used to play the flute badly, but it was nice stress release for me;  I can't say what my neighbors think about it!

I was an RN for 18 years and let my license fade away when pain from the accident injuries got so bad that I was unable to perform even light duty, such as sitting all night.  I have worked in extended care, home care including hospice nursing, oncology in a hospital setting and in the medical department of a county prison.

When I started this affiliate marketing program, which gave me a link to adlandpro, I had thought I would be able to create my blogs and place links and be able to place ads that would create enough interest to be able to make at least a small income, as I haven't worked since 2002.  It seems, though that most of the job is signing up other people to do the same thing and that isn't what I had in mind.  I enjoy blogging and posting pictures, seeing if I can get anyone to read the blogs and if they see an ad that looks interesting, go through the link and place an order.  With my point of view on it, I realize it could take a very long time to build things up, but I'm going to have a good time while I am at it!






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