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Crystal Farmer

Crystal Farmer
BirthdayWednesday, October 22, 1975
Member SinceSaturday, January 13, 2007
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LocationHillsburgh, Ontario, Canada Canada
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About Me
About Me
I just recently got back into the internet marketing thing after a bad experience with Quixtar. I spent a few months barely getting anything for my hard hours of work, and then thanks to someone at MySpace I stumbled upon Acai Plus, in the few short weeks I have been in it has had amazing growth, I have 23 people in my downline and over 50 people who have given me their info and are receiving emails every 48 hours from my autoresponder. Nothing pulls people in better than getting an email that says while you were thinking about this opportunity, 24 people have joined, secure your spot above themm now! "Bam" amazing conversion rates. This has a forced 3x4 matrix, so I have gotten a few people under me now due to spill over, if you get in my downline before January 20th, I think you will be guaranteed spill over as I am advertising in a major health retailer magazine (real Paper). The product is great, we had purchased a similar product (Xango) in the past and I feel this is by far superior, although their bottle isn't as pretty. Right now if your hesitant about this opportunity, have a look through the tour, see how the autoresponder pulls you in and will do the same for your prospects, then sign up for the free bottle (only $7 dollars shipping) and if your not amazed at how well this program converts, cancel at any time.
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Roger Ketcham - (1/22/2007 11:44:00 PM) : nice outdoor pic.


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