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Barb Trudgian
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About Me

I really don't know what to say other than I'm a child of God. I feel like I was put on earth to help others reach thier goals & dreams. I'm a professional in the home based business.I beleive that we all are put here for a reason. Sometimes I feel that reason is revealed to us as children other times we need to ask. I was one that had to ask. When I decided to ask God revealed it with so many blessings that my head is spinning.

Here I want to take a moment to say thank you foremost to God then my parents.

I found a team that supports and trains new in home base business owners. With this training and support I have started meeting my goals. Now I want to help others reach thier goal and dreams!!

Could you carve out 7-10 hours each week to build a personal financial security?

I'm looking for long term business relationships. To work with and become friends with. Being able to travel with while we are working together. This is what makes the world go around.

Taking the Nation on Vacation! How much fun.

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Industries: Networking, Bizopp
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Cheryl Maples - (6/30/2011 4:25:33 AM) : Happy Birthday, Barb! Enjoy your special day! Thanks for the chat yesterday. Cheryl
Cheryl Maples - (3/14/2011 5:16:31 AM) : Hi Barb, Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hope all goes well with you! Cheryl
Bob And Shirley Rushing - (1/3/2011 8:01:40 PM) : Greetings my friend and Welcome! How are you? Just stopping by to say hello and thank you for your friendship... Bob and Shirley Stay In touch,
Eddie Garcia - (11/3/2010 7:41:59 PM) : Hey Barb, have you heard about PayBox? If not, take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance!
Eddie Garcia - (10/13/2010 9:04:31 PM) : Barb, I don't show us as being friends here but I would like to be. I was going to send you an invite but it said that one has already been sent. I hope you haven't declined my request. Please send me one so I can accept it. Thanks & God bless!
Eddie Garcia - (10/13/2010 9:01:07 PM) : Hello Barb! It was very nice of you to stop by and say hello. It would be good for us to share some ideas sometime. Are you on Skype? If so, my Skype name is fmme2u and I would be honored to connect with you there. How about LinkedIn, Swom, and YourNight?
Eddie Garcia - (10/8/2010 12:56:35 PM) : Hi Barb! Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my profile and leaving a message. I had a blessed day on the 4th and I have had blessed days ever since. My life is a blessing in the Lord and I depend on Him daily to be on the throne in my life. Truly, without Him I can do nothing. I am blessed to be a full time minister of the gospel and to be a networker as well. Talk with you later.


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