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Brenda Webb
BirthdayFriday, May 14, 1954
Member SinceTuesday, May 15, 2007
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LocationLos Angeles, California, United States United States
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About Me



Please make yourself comfortable as I attempt to explain a few things.


I recognize that AdLandPro is a wonderful website that

provides free ads, free classifieds and is a instrumental

force in bringing many people together with similar interests.

I also know, that for some of you,

the people you have met here and bonded with

are just like extended family to you.

I am very excited about the product and service I represent.

But first and foremost,

I want to have tangible relationships with many of you.

I want us to communicate on a level

where we are thankful for each other

and we are willing to help one another with

our time, knowledge, skills and talent

that we have developed over the long course

of our many past and current experiences.

If I can do anything for you

Consider it done.











Thank You

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Phillip Black - (3/19/2008 7:10:02 PM) : Hi Brenda,

I was just on my way over to The Parade of Stars to Congratulate you and I stopped by your Profile. Love the About Me statement, and your overall Positive, Upbeat Attitude and I am so happy that we share the Love of he Lord. Since I can't go any higher, I guess I'll have to stop at a 10! You deserve much higher.

Thank You For being my Friend,

Brenda Webb - (3/19/2008 7:10:02 PM) : Thank you Phil for such a nice & positive rating/feedback ! I really appreciate it totally : )
May the LORD continue to Bless you & yours in Jesus' name : ) !!!

Abdulbasit Naas - (9/7/2007 6:16:30 AM) : how about games
Brenda Webb - (9/7/2007 6:16:30 AM) : Hi Abdulbasit Naas :)
How about those Patriots with Tom Brady and Moss!

smile Thank you.
Brenda Webb - (9/5/2007 10:11:03 PM) : Hi There! I am so sorry that it took me this long to view my comment section. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. Success comes from GOD and I believe HE would love us to share in it :)
I hope the both of you are doing very well !
Brenda Webb - (7/9/2007 6:01:19 PM) : Thank You Doc!!! What a nice compliment :)
Joelees Wholesale - (7/5/2007 2:14:27 PM) : Hi Brenda,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Brenda Webb - (7/5/2007 2:14:27 PM) : Thank you Lee.. It only took me 6 months to respond :) I hope you are doing extremely well with your Business!
Bruce Glidden - (7/1/2007 7:22:42 PM) : Hello Brenda,

Thank you for adding me as your friend, which will be an important part of your marketing success. We have Forums and Websites that are full of great ways to promote your Business. I am always here if you may need any assistance. Just look me up in your friends list...;-)
Brenda Webb - (7/1/2007 7:22:42 PM) : Thank You Bruce ... You look like a model in your picture : )


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