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This is supposed to be about me. And I do not know what to say to you all. I guess I can start with my physical health. I am a disabled American and am starting a web business that I hope will keep me busy and make me enough money to pay for itself. I am married to my love of my life and have six children (all grown) and six grandchildren. I just watched my oldest granddaughter graduate from high school and am very proud of her. My wife is retired from her Doctor profession but still works at the Hospital a couple days a week leaving me free to pursue my Internet business, I am in pretty good spirits these days but have yet to get an order from my store. I have been in business just three weeks now so I guess I should be patient. I hope that all of you who are reading this will go to my store and check out what I sell because I really have some wonderful items that are priced really low for you to buy. Just cut and paste the address into your address bar and go see for your self. I live in Orlando Florida where it is always beautiful year round and welcome any body to come and visit. We have the most beautiful flowers and trees anywhere in the world. Come to Orlando, The City Beautiful and see for your self.

 Well enough about me...

May God Bless You. Have a great day!



Jerky Direct Opportunity

How would you like an extra $4,000 a month coming in? I have found a product that literally sells itself and want to pass the information on to you all. I am talking about an opportunity to put that experience back to work for you. If you are retired but not tired, this is for you and you can get out of the retirement hole very easily. If you are working and not seeiing fruit from your labor and are constantly in debt and going nowhere, this is for you. Now wouldn't it be nice to pay off all those credit cards and get on with your life fulfilling your dreams and goals? And wouldn't it be a joy to you to see your children go to college (with your help) and not be burdened with tuition debt, forced to wait tables in some dive just to pay the rent and buy gas for the car?

The time has come for your ideals to come into being and for you to live the life of prosperity you have been dreaming of. A new car?  Remodelling of your house or better yet a new house? Get out of that retirement rut and run away to Rome or London just on a whim  and have the time of your life?

Jerky Direct is a new company developed by a team of professionals that heve years of experience with both the meat snack industry and direct sales marketing. The founder of Jerky Direct was also the founder of King B Jerky and a founder of Melaleuca. Both of these businesses have turned into multi-million dollar companies. With Jerky Direct, you have the opportunity to not only get premium quality, all-natural jerky delivered directly to your door, but you also are given tools to develop you own  web-based home business.

* Unlike other web-based businesses:

* Jerky Direct pays for shipping.

* Jerky Direct pays for all credit card surcharges.

* Jerky Direct pays for your own free website (with a domain name of your choice)  for customers to buy from.

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a great tasting product and reap the rewards of how it sells itself!

There are 3 ways to meke money $ from your websitestorefront:

1. 20% commission on all retail sales from your own website.

2. 5% commission on all wholesale orders generated by your first level.

3. Generous 7-level monthly payout on your downline.

On the first day of each month, commissions are calculated and a check will be mailed to you!

They Like Us!

Customers have decided that they like Jerky Direct! It is a fairly new company and we are still growing rapidly. Jerky Direct averages a huge number of hits each month and our customer retention is excellent, at a rate at which other direct sales companies can only dream! Our new jerky snacks have received great reviews with customers raving about our fresh, soft products.

Future Opportunities

In the near future, Jerky Direct plans an offering vacation and prize bonuses for top jerky sales. These will be with Jerky Direct affiliated companies and will include opportunities such as:

White Water Rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho!
Free Night Stay at Various Hotels in UT, ID, IL!
Weekend Stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!
Free Night Stay at a Resort in Puerto Penasco, Mexico!



Unlike most Jerky in the marketplace, Jerky Direct Natural Jerky is made from Beef, Buffalo, and Turkey that comes from animals that have never received artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and most products contain no preservatives. Not only does it taste GOOD, but it is GOOD for you!




Find out how to earn money $$$

for selling jerky!!!

Bob Hodges

Phone: 407-677-7916


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