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Simmone Lynch
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About Me
I beleive in seizing all that life has to offer! I am a go getter and that has benefitted me greatly in life so far! My main interests are in helping people to see a bigger picture than the one that society presents to them so that they can reach inside themselves find thier hidden dreams and pursue them. I work with young people everyday because I am a Biology teacher so I get to do this daily.
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Sid Skinner - (8/18/2007 1:44:35 PM) : Hi Simmone,

A Smile is worth a 1000 words, you love what doing, you don't fine many people like that anymore

James Max - (7/16/2006 10:03:53 AM) : Hey Simone,

You're a breath of fresh air here at adland community.

Your ineraction with the members and forums shows a deep love for people.

I am honored to be called your friend.

With Love From Vegas,

Dale Rolefson - (7/10/2006 11:18:25 PM) :
I like friends!

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Dwayne Carter - (5/24/2006 12:59:54 AM) : I like your website very much but right now I need support to get my store up and running. Believe me I really want any help that is offered to me but right now I really need the support.
Rahul Majumdar - (5/9/2006 11:13:03 PM) : Thought about giving you a 10 - I think you deserve it, but chose not to overinflate your ego ;) Besides, there's that DirectMatches quiz I have to give to the fair and noble teacher!

Sometimes you can get a sense of a person's quality without meeting them face to face. With Simmone, it is a very positive vibe. A cold, battle-hardened Canadian needs a little Barbados in his life. Thank you Simmone and I hope we can help each other, regardless of the forum.
Voldemaras Izdichovicius - (4/13/2006 7:21:41 AM) : I like your smile:-)


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