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About Me

As a child, I sold cigarettes as a business. I grew up in a culture that did not see any evil in children handling tobacco products.

We had just emerged from a 30 month civil strife. We had survived the war but threatened by the peace. Cash was scarce and times were very hard. We had lost all that we had. It was a time to pick up the pieces and start all over.

While walking home on a lonesome road one evening, I found a ten pound note. It was the greatest find of my life. I cheked my pocket every few minutes to be sure it was still there. And sure enough, when I got home it was still there.

Days later, with permission, I started a business- my own business selling cigarettes. With the profits I generated with my business, I was able to help with some of the much needed cash in the family and learned some very valuable lessons that endure till this day.

My experience as a young entreprenure, exposed me to that special sense of freedom that comes only from having your own business and writing your own check,  knowing that you are financially secured. As long as my business lasted, I did not have to look to anyone for money. Rather, people came to me for money and for the most part got it. It was a good feeling being able to help others.

Among my peers, it gave me a little edge, a special position and a sense of fulfillment. But that was then.

Several years ago, I decided it was time to get back into business and start writing my own checks again. Five years and almost 40 grand in investments, in a "traditional business" the project failed and I was back in the woods.

Today, thanks to the power of the Internet, going into business could never be easier. You could even work from the comfort of your home.

While doing business on the internet has it own challenges, the reward of success is very tremendous and the cost and effect of failure less dramatic.

With the right formula and the right frame of mind and some diligence, the Internet can be a sure path to financial freedom. And that is why I am here- to learn and to share, to give and to recieve. I can't to learn from all you great minds out there in this building process.

Please accept my hand of friendship and together, we will build streams of easy residual incomes for ourselves and families.

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Tina Bryant - (7/19/2007 8:29:16 PM) : Thank you for visiting
I visited your website and I liked the information it provided.
Austin Akalanze - (7/19/2007 8:29:16 PM) : Thanks Tina, nice having you as a friend.



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