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Johnny Nilsson

Johnny Nilsson
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About Me
About Me
Hi i make music for fun ... and then after a time i do love the song i made... under the time i factory and mix, play and do tuning on my songs it be very hard and boring job. when the song is finish.... i do it one more time.. and so on... the song take a long time to be greate and good. Then i can hear the song for 10000 times and i just love to listen. Yes i know .. the songs i make is not for all and i can't sing eather but i just love it. I started to do music on computer 1984 and still going on... btw i have never get one cent for it, i have 200-300 songs i wrote but only a feew is anable to listen to hehe. Please take a look at my songs on click on the swedish word "LADDA NER" and then "Music". there is about 30 songs. BTW (i will soon translate my site to english) Thank You And have a nice musicday JOHNNY "Yanoos"
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My Interests
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