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Anatoly Zaveryukha

Anatoly Zaveryukha
BirthdaySunday, July 10, 1949
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About Me
About Me

My name is Anatoly. I am 62 years old. I live in Italy and Russia. I have the wife, the daughter, the son, two grandsons and the grand daughter. I very much love them all.

I like to travel, listen to music and to read books, to be engaged in gardening and beekeeping, to ski and swim under water, to fish.

I put my dreams on hold while working in the Physical Metallurgy industry for 37 years (I am Professor) and now I am venturing out to create an Internet based business. My Interests leans towards Internet marketing and Affiliate programs.

I some years study the Internet and I am surprised to his unlimited opportunities even now. It very much to like me!

I started building my Internet business 2 years ago, and as everyone, I have learnt a lot during the beginning years.

The one thing I have come to really appreciate is communication is one of the most important service that we can offer as business people to others . I invite you to contact me anytime.

I am looking for people who have an interest in Internet marketing and Affiliate programs so we can collectively build an exchange of useful information and resources.

My Sparking Diamond Business !

Health and Longevity!

Diamonds and Jewelry!

Extra and Residual income!

Write me.

My a little experience For You !

Dear Friends,

I would like to have the best communication with all Adlandpro friends and members. I would like to share a little experience and to hear your advice and offers about business in Internet.

One of success criteria in the Internet is good advertising. I hope that my a little experience will assist your work with the Internet.

For advertising I use safelists, submitter, autoresponder, viral advertising methods, Internet communities, tracking of results and other.


Cash4usafelist, Adtactics, Themadvlad, Absolutionline, Businessworldlist, Herculist, Globalsafelist, Safelist Optinlister, AACESTAR, Expose Safelist.
These safelists work reliably and effectively. They have from 4000 up to 70000 members everyone. I shall be grateful if someone will inform me about same good Safelists. Link to me I shall specify below it essay.


I use one iPostAd submitter. It has about 2650 safelists with more than 2 million members. I use the same ads which has prepared for safelists (above).


The new good autoresponder is Jv-marketers. I have charged its letters describing work and advantages any program. For search of subscribers I use the signature in all correspondence (ads, letters, etc.). For a day subscribes from 2 up to 10 person.

Viral advertising methods

It is Hoppers, DesktopLightning, Admailerpro, YourLuckyList. Hoppers is advertising your affiliate and other sites. DesktopLightning, Admailerpro, YourLuckyList - persons lists for reception of messages from you. These programs is viral since you invite 2-10 persons only and then the list grows itself without your efforts. In it there is their charm. They are effective.

Internet communities

It is Bizpreneur and Adlandpro. In these communities it is a lot of members.

Tracking of results

It is very important. URL for tracking should be short. I long searched for tracking program with such URL. I have found it in CashDevelopment. I use tracking to estimate efficiency of this or that kind of the program, a site, my ad, etc necessarily . ResultsTraker with short URL is still.


I constantly use for advertising Trafficswarm and AdGizmo still since they provide many displays and clicks.

Note. If fast and effective advertising is necessary, use safelists. The more safelists, the effect there is more.

I have tried to be short. If advice is necessary, write to In a window subject necessarily write "Affiliate", other letters leave.

In summary I would like to tell that the Success is constant study and work. The freebie and good money are incompatible.

I wish you Huge Successes in the Internet.

Note: Please in the letter subject write "Diamond".
Letters with other subject leave.

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Anatoli Graour - (9/11/2009 11:05:09 AM) : Hello Anatoly.
From Anatoli.
Thanks for adding me. I haven't
meet Russian people on Internet yet. You be the first.
Do you have anything to share?
Or maybe anything to ask me?
Just go ahead.
I am doing this four years, know a little.
PS.Please do visit my website.
Albert Morin - (7/23/2007 6:31:20 AM) : Dear Anatoly

I find no greater happiness then in building strong bonds of friendship. Everyday one must make personal judgements as to the sincerity, character, and moral makeup of those we come into contact with. It is indeed an honor for me to have you listed as a friend here at adlandpro and I look forward to our continued personal and financial growth. May you find success in all you do and know that there is such a thing as true friends.

Dr. Albert I. Morin, N.D.
Anatoly Zaveryukha - (1/12/2006 1:54:38 PM) : Sergey,

Thanks. I is confident, that you will build on this business financial foundation for the free life.

Lydia Fokina - (1/2/2006 5:40:21 AM) : Exellent start, Anatoly! :)
My greetings on the board of best internet community AdLandPro! :)
Let us be successful here and everywhere! :)
Anatoly Zaveryukha - (1/2/2006 5:40:21 AM) : Dear Lidia,

Thanks. I arrived into the community in order to find new friends and help them to earn for the free life.




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