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The Business Acceleration Group
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About Me
About Me

My name is James Thompson and I am a social media business solutions consultant. I am the owner and CEO of The Business Acceleration Group and we are an independent contractor for The Tools Network. The number one Social Media Tools Developement company in the world.

We offer free consultation to all businesses looking to increase exposure for their business through social media marketing. We offer all businesses free advice on the proper tools and social networks to utilize in order to gain more exposure for their products and services.

We also provide all businesses that use the tools and information that we offer, free ongoing marketing training for all of the Large social networking web sites. This will help maximize their profit potential by creating higher conversions for their businesses.

To all people out there looking for prospects; please save your energy I am here to promote my business, not to start another.

I have read the book "Success In Ten Steps" and still refer to it from time to time. I appreciate all MFF offers but don't want to belong to an MLM cult.

I will be your friend but I garentee you I know more about MFF and Micheal Dloughy than I ever wanted to Thanks.

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