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About Me

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I'm a Recent Widow (since 2004), One daughter of three children lives in my home along with two of my 6 grandchildren; and it seems like I'm broke all the time. When I'm home I hide out in my loft with my dog who has one eye...all the time. I'm writing three books all at the sametime and I haven't found a publisher. I haven't had a vacation in 7 years and I think about it...........


My Purpose For Being In The Community


I set up a web site where I have decided to publish portions of my first book. I'm not sure of the title; I have a few ideas. Perhaps ''The Psyche of a Survivor'' The trilogy covers three generations, so it's quite a bit more than a simple case study.


The first book deals with childhood memories and incidents. The second book deals with the acting out of lessons learned or unlearned in book one. Last but not least, is the look backward - the understanding of my actions through time, and the realization finally that it wasn't all one persons doing - the craziness it still causes in my life and the healing.


I think it will be interesting and I need encouragement to continue and honest comments. The content at times is sensitive, disturbing, factual and very personal - theres goes  getting the opnion of family or friends.


I feel this is something that needs to be done. I believe it will help millions of people when the Psyche community gets their hands on it. I wake up each morning and feel a little relief knowing that someone above thinks I've still got something valuable to add to this world. - We'll see what this day brings.


What Can I Give You in Return

Maybe a little entertainment.  Or a Thought to Ponder.Stay Well. Love Granny

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Roger Ketcham - (1/13/2007 3:17:55 PM) : nice pic :)
Granny .. - (1/13/2007 3:17:55 PM) : Thank you Roger. Please stay tuned to my website. Articles will be changed evrey week. God Bless, Love, Granny
Rob Vela - (1/13/2007 1:38:17 PM) : i know the feeling because i go to bed crying and wake up happy each day thinking today is my day to capitalize on something hope your day turns brighter today
Granny .. - (1/13/2007 1:38:17 PM) : Thank You Robert. No matter how bad IT gets, there's always someome else in a worse, or more intolerable situation. That's hard to remember sometimes....keep crying, and keep smiling. Everything is how it should be at the moment. Love, Granny.


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