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About Me

Hello Adland Friends, I was born and grown up in Denmark.
My parents had a small supermarked in a little village. I liked to help my father in his shop and especially I loved to do some small promoting and advertising jobs for him.

I have to brothers. Are married and have 2 children (twins a boy and a girl). The are grown up and living in Copenhagen and Germany. After high school I got a job in the financial world. After serving my duty in the Danish army I wanted to go abroad. Some of my parent’s relatives are living in California, and I was on the way to go to the United States of America for a while.

But at that time I met a French girlfriend, and she suggested that I should come to France. I did so and lived and worked at the French/German border region for more than a year. It was and is a wonderful region of Europe.

Then I returned to Denmark for a while. But I think I have an exploring nature inside me. When I got 45 years old I had a dream and wish to go abroad again.

From 1998-2000 I got a very interesting job in Africa (Tanzania). I was working for the Danish Foreign Ministry as senior adviser in a financial institution in Tanzania. This were 2 of my best years, most interesting years in my life. I liked very much to help this poor country. The people in Africa were a very positive surprise for me. The wild animals, the tropical climate, the Indian ocean.. etc. really great experiences. I still remember the very first time I saw a very big male Lion from a distance of half a meter. :-)

I returned to Denmark and I am working in the financial world as a consultant. But still, I have my interest for exploring the world, promoting, Internet, web design, sales etc. I discovered the Internet Networking World. It was and is so fascinating to me - and I like to meet new friends from overall the Globe. I want to help my friends - and if they and myself can earn a little pocket money I think its OK ??

I would like to see many of my friends at my WORLD MAP of FRIENDS:
My WorldMap of Friends

Best Regards and Wishes
Hans Nielsen


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