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Jose Carcano
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About Me
Hello everyone. Who am I and what do I do? l was raised in a small town of 435 people and about 100,000 cow. Yes, I lived in a dairy community. Do you remember growing up and seeing the young man or woman on a bike, knocking at your front door selling the raffle tickets for there church. That was me. I remember one day playing golf with a friend. I see this golf cart heading our way, I thought to myself, man that looks like dad. Well,my father had never play golf before. Sure in enough it was. My father said, son you want a job, I replied Sure. He quickly said, get on. I said Dad, I'm on the 17 hole and have 1 more to go. Well you can guess I didn't get to finish the round of golf and that was the last time I played golf. lol... Working at Kings Food Store was my first exposure on learning about customers habits. My father taught me, the customer was always right. Keep them happy them they and they will return. Shortly after High School I joined the military. Man, this was a new experience. I remember hearing, you maggot, get down and give me 20, that was push-up. Well, I must have liked the special attention I was getting and stayed in 20yr and 13 day but hows counting. lol.. I became a military policeman and travel to country's like: Korea, Germany, Honduras, Bosnia, Hungry, Japan, Holland. I was also stationed in the U.S. at Ft Hood, Ft Bliss, Ft Sherdian, Ft. McClellan. While in the military I met plenty of entrepreneur, I participated in the following opportunities: Shaklee, Amway, Juice Plus, Arbonne, Prepaid Legal, Maxxis 2000, Lightyear Alliance. All of these are great companies. I'm now retire from the military. I did a uniform change from green to blue. I am a federal police office with the Dept of Defense on Ft Hood, Texas. I have several passion. One is teach kids, adult about safety, I like being a positive influence to other. I recommend everyone look at my website. The Emergency Sticker program is like you having insurance. You have it but never want to use it. The website is I also promote CORE4 a weight loss product. I believe being a product of the product. I have lost over 20 pounds now. I was diagnosed as a diabetic, so I had to do a live change. CORE4 has made it easier for my weight loss. The website is: Thank you for stopping by and learning a little about me. I look forward in hear or reading about and become friends.
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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (11/2/2009 10:28:12 PM) : Happy Birthday Jose :)


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