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Soner Isik - (1/10/2011 10:59:31 PM) :
Bob And Shirley Rushing - (12/28/2010 6:27:36 AM) : Greetings my friend and Welcome! How are you? Just stopping by to say hello and thank you for your friendship... Bob and Shirley Stay In touch,
Michael... Clayton - (6/27/2010 2:20:02 AM) : Hi Gerri nice to have you as a friend. Please visit my main forum thread and post your opportunities so many more members can get to know what you do online. Just click on forum on my profile and look for the main thread. You are also welcome to join SEE Future Of Our World Forum Regards Michael
Bhavesh Nasit - (5/24/2010 5:43:48 AM) : friends see this blog ad daily please 2 to 3 minute
Branka Babic - (5/19/2010 6:08:37 AM) : Hi Gerri, Can`t believe to find you here! WELCOME BACK! Hope all is good with you and yours. Love and hugs!
Colin Macpherson - (4/18/2010 5:56:23 AM) : Gerri, hi and hello! Let me say “welcome” to this wonderful community. There is such a lot to see and do, and I hope you find the whole experience energizing and fulfilling. I wish you every success in all that you do here! Kind regards, Colin
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