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John Main
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About Me

Hi! My name is John Main, I'm a Self Employed Taxi Driver in Cumbernauld, Scotland, always had to work hard, now I'm trying to work 'smarter'. When I'm not driving my Taxi I'm also an Internet Marketer. I quite enjoy being an IM, in touch with lots of people in a similar situation all over the world. Being able to help other people achieve their financial dreams is the most rewarding experience that any Internet Marketer could ever have.

I've just signed up for this AMAZING programme which only launched on 1st Nov. 2011, paying out 100% commission, they have paid out over $1m in ONLY 3 weeks. Please checkout this short video, this is LIFE CHANGING stuff!

John Main

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Ralph White - (5/21/2012 6:29:39 PM) : Have A Great Day
Mualia Semitone - (5/10/2012 2:55:42 PM) : check out this free money maker software
Cheryl Maples - (3/12/2012 10:32:30 PM) : Hi John, Thanks for being my friend. Keep in touch, Cheryl
Michael... Clayton - (11/30/2011 9:18:03 AM) : Hi John be nice to have you as a friend. Please visit my main forum thread and post your opportunities so many more members can get to know what you do online. Just click on forum on my profile and look for the main thread. You are also welcome to join Regards Michael
Diane Raezer - (11/29/2011 8:11:22 PM) : Hi John , Nice to meet you here..
Amanda Bird - (9/17/2010 11:29:09 PM) : Hi John. I hope your enjoying Adlandpro and success in your life. Drop by my profile and say hi. Check out my about me, photos and webpages. Let me know if I may be of assistance. Your Friend In Success Amanda "One Can Not Consent To Creep When One Feels An Impulse To Soar"
Joe Keating - (7/28/2010 12:56:30 AM) : Hello John, Welcome to the ADLANDPRO community. I hope you find what you are looking for. Wishing you success in your efforts. Joe and Cheryl
Cheryl Maples - (7/27/2010 6:54:59 AM) : Hello John, Welcome to our community of friends. I’m glad you joined us. May this year be your best year yet! Follow your dreams! Cheryl
Lie Wang - (7/27/2010 1:00:06 AM) : thanks for you contact me.i do internet jobs abt 4 years.i know many many cant earn money even if you hard take your care. i creat a new blog abt making money\seo\etc. welcome to my blog:
James Mckenzie - (7/26/2010 8:50:11 PM) : Hello John, Welcome aboard from South Carolina. Your friendship is received here with the family of friends. Own Your Life! James


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