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Tonja Brown

Tonja Brown
BirthdayFriday, December 20, 1963
Member SinceWednesday, April 28, 2010
Last ActivityTuesday, August 16, 2011
LocationMontesano, Washington, United States United States
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About Me
About Me

Hello there. Hope you are having a great and blessed day. My name is Tonja and I am 46 years old. My husband Robert and I reside outside of Elma, a sleepy little town about ten miles south of Montesano, Washington. And boy, is it ever sleepy. When Bob and I married 3 years ago, we became one big happy family of 3 adult sons, 3 adult daughters, 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson. We now have another grandchild on the way.

( I lost my beloved son Timothy to a drug overdose in August of 2008. He was 22 years old.)

The Pacific Northwest_Puget Sound area is beautiful, but the chilly, damp weather ten months a year leaves a lot to be desired.

I came to Adlandpro to advertise my services, but after exploring Adland I am truly amazed at what a community there is here. I believe it's wonderful to have a huge community of people where we can all share resources, support, advice, and our online endeavors.

So now I would like to share an incredible program that you can use to communicate to your prospects, online, without emailing them!

This computer program allows you to communicate to your online prospects by sending a message to their computer desk top, instantly!

For example, you can send a message on your prospect's computer desktop that reads:

"Hello John, I have been trying to reach you..."

This revolutionary communication tool is one click away.

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Cheryl Maples - (12/20/2010 7:16:03 AM) : Happy Birthday, Tonja! Have a great day! Cheryl
Beth Schmillen - (5/9/2010 10:11:09 PM) : Hi Tonya! Happy Moms Day! Are you a mom? *smiles* Yeah, lots of folks comment and you'll get more the longer you're here! just get out there and invite and comment! hope your having a special day! Beth
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Richard Gabriel - (4/30/2010 9:31:54 AM) : Thank you for accepting my invitation to be friends. I wish you all the Best! - Rich
Beth Schmillen - (4/29/2010 7:03:14 AM) : Hi Tonja, Welcome to Adland! Lots of great folks here and lots of interesting forums/groups etc! enjoy! Beth
Tonja Brown - (4/29/2010 5:36:14 AM) : Thank you Cheryl. It's nice to be here and meet you as well. You have a great year as well. Tonja
Cheryl Maples - (4/28/2010 11:45:27 PM) : Hello Tonja, Welcome to our community of friends. It's nice to meet you here. May this be your best year yet. Follow your dreams! Cheryl


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