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About Me
My Husband Michael and I have been married for 15 Years. This is the second time around for both of us. We have four wonderful Children and six Grand children, with another one coming in October. Michael and I use this Site together and Michael will be the one here most of the time. Michael has Lung Cancer and is in remission now and has been for about three Years now. We both worked for the Postal Service for over 20 Years and Retired. Michael was also in the Army for over 20 Years in Special Ops and then Recruiting for a long time, due to injuries. Michael is a wonderful honest Man that never gives up. Right now He has a list of things He wants to do before something happens to Him. Michael is very worried about our Country and is one of the most Patriotic people I have seen. He had predicted years ago that all this was going to happen to our Country. He read it in J Edgar Hoovers Book "Masters of "Deciet" when He was very young. One thing He wants to do is run for the US Congress but He can not get any Republicans to talk to him because we "don't have enough money". Another item on Michael's list is to help any Young Lady or Man that is interested in joining the Army, or their Parents, to contact Him before they contact a Recruiter. Mike spent 13 Years in Recruiting and knows the system. He will be glad to set up the initial appointment with a Recruiter, after talking with the Person who wants to join, to insure the Recruiter knows what they want. Mike, is going to be with them every step of the way through processing. Michael said that he will pick the Recruiter after speaking to the Commanders, to insure they get the best available. Mike will be with them, at least by phone, every step of the way and can help insure they get in and get what they want.

One very important thing Mike is doing is to try to get a "Discount Rx Card to as many people as he can. While being treated for Lung Cancer the Insurance we have (three different companies) would not cover the Anti-Nausea medication Mike needed, the generic substitute for Zofran. The cost of the medication was $287.00 for 30 Tablets! I found a Site on the internet that gave away discount RX cards, all's you had to do was print it, no information, not even your Name, was needed. We took the Card to the same Drug Store for the same medication and were happy to see it only cost $19.23 for 30 tablets. Once Mike finished Chemotherapy and Radiation and got his strength back he contacted to Company to thank them and to ask if he could get Cards to give away to people. After doing the paper work Mike became a "Community Action Program" Member and was given 3 Web Sites. He gave many cards to people and many were printed from his Site. What we did not know was that each time someone used a card to fill a prescription Mike received $.75! Mike did not do it for the money but it was a nice surprise. We later found out there are only about 400 Members some of which earn over $30,000.00 a Month. Mike is now able to authorize the use of cards for Fund Raising. Church's, Schools, Veteran Organizations, Cities, States and Organizations can raise huge sums of money each Month while saving people up to 85% of their prescription cost. If you would like some cards and want to see how much you will save on your Prescription at Stores in your area you can go to: WWW.CommunityActionProgram.Org and if they would like to help Mike help people they can go to:
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