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Edvardas Kybartas

Edvardas Kybartas
BirthdayWednesday, October 31, 1945
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LocationMastic, New York, United States United States
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About Me
My philosoffy is simple,- if I am nothing more than 'salesmam',than nobody wants to see me EVER. Here is a major shift- instead of being sales person become a Problem's Solving Source leading step by step to the possibility of wealth and prosperity. When you work from home ,any business you start has the potential to explode into a perpetual gold mine.It just depends on how much your home business is in demand around your community or on the Internet. Your home business might start slow and steady, regularly picking up clients as you become more established. On the other hand, your chosen home business may take off like wildfire, quickly becoming too hot for you to handle by yourself (well done!). This is the time to enlist the help of willing family members to help you out in your time of need, which will make your business into a friendly, family concern. This will also help family members better understand your business and get a grasp on the mechanics of profit. In order to create your own success I challenge you to consider yourself already successful. Do something that makes you feel successful in your business and use that to motivate you and empower your thoughts. If you can learn to do this your success will be just around the corner. Yours in success Edvardas
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Amanda Bird - (4/15/2010 2:46:25 AM) : G'day Edvardas. Just stopping by to say thanks for being a friend on Adlandpro. I recently updated my profile by adding more pictures and "Jazzing It Up". Feel free to comment on my photos, check out my about me and WEBPAGES. Let me know if I may be of assistance. Your Friend In Success Amanda "One Can Not Consent To Creep When One Feels An Impulse To Soar".
Amanda Bird - (12/27/2009 11:21:48 PM) : Edvardes let 2010 be better then all the rest. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time. Call up a forgotten friend, make a new friend, help a stranger. Walk tall, dream big and smile more. May your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want - an Irish Toast. Here's to the new "adventures" in 2010. Your Friend In Success Amanda
Amanda Bird - (12/15/2009 3:29:07 PM) : Hi Edvardes. Wishing you a happy, fun and my style is 'adventurous' Holiday Season. Thankyou for connecting with this Aussie on Adlandpro. I look forward to what may lay ahead. Your Friend In Success Amanda "One Can Not Consent To Creep When One Feels An Impulse To Soar"


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