Who is Alphonso Rodgers?

Alphonso Rodgers

Alphonso Rodgers
BirthdayWednesday, March 04, 1964
Member SinceWednesday, May 28, 2008
Last ActivityTuesday, October 07, 2008
LocationSaint Louis, Michigan, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
My name is Alphonso, I live in St. Louis and I'm looking for friends to network with.  I would like to promote my online store .I'm a believer that God will provide all of my needs but that I also have to put in some work for myself. So here I am online looking for ways to get traffic to my store.  I understand that it may take a while for things to take off and I'm grateful to all of the invitations of new friends here. I wish all of you continued success and would like to invite you to visit another social network aimed at supporting families with addictions at I look forward to meeting more friends. May God bless you all.
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