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Namil Nimetullah
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About Me

For approximately two years, I have been trying my hand at different online businesses, to no avail; disappointments, and failures, etc....Also a lost of money. Recently, I stumbled across a fantastic business opportunity, better than the one I was in. Having an ideal business is one thing, but operating it successfully is another thing. I needed to be educated. I sought help from "mentoring for free." After examining this team, it was hard to believe it was free. I was already paying $49.95 for membership in a mentoring program, which was teaching me things that wouldn't work ( I didn't know that then ). How could "mentoring for free" be free? There must be a catch, I thought. Well, I haven't found the "catch" yet, but I did find a system for success, and a team of loving, caring, and sharing people to help me realize my dream. This mentoring team, is also spiritually rewarding, because it's about helping humans. You are just going to want to be around people that actually know how to build, and can teach you, instead of people, who are telling you things, that will never work for you. I will plug you into the free training that will teach you all of the skills you need to know to build a big network marketing company. For FREE!

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