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Hello, All~

My name is Wylene and this is my first attempt at marketing and trying to open my own business.  I've always been told that I would be great at owning my own business but honestly, I felt much more comfortable just working for someone else and collecting a paycheck every week so this is seriously a huge step... actually leap for me!  I've run businesses for others so I know what it all entails once I step foot in an office, but this is a whole new experience.  Boy!  What an experience it's turning out to be just trying to get these websites set up!  :) 


Let me tell you a little bit about myself...   I have 20+ years of business experience from simple office work/customer service to running a business from A-Z.  I have experience in accounting as well as the medical office and medical billing field; I'm even Certified in Health Care Plans.  I was laid off 3-1/2 years ago from Fidelity Investments due to the offshoring.  That caused me to lose all of my security.  I was doing quite well at Fidelity and was living quite comfortably, especially for a single/divorced mother of 2 boys.  I had a mortgage and all that went with it, the 2 teenage boys and all that goes with that, which I'm sure that most know is quite extensive!  Still, I was quite comfortable.  However, since my layoff it has been more than a struggle; working temp job after temp job after temp job...  Every one looks at my resume and loves what I'm capable of doing, but no one wants to pay me for it;  I haven't even been able to make ends meet.  I've been signed with agencies since I was laid off and I hear the same thing every time I meet with someone, "Wow, with all of your skills you're extremely marketable."  Yeah, I know, but nobody wants to pay me what I'm really worth.  So I decided to give this a shot!  I admit though that I'm scared; this is all very new to me.


So I hope you'll share in the adventure with me and allow me to work with you.  I guarantee any work I do; 100% satisfaction!  If for any reason you're not satisfied with any of the work I do, I will re-do the portion you're not satisfied with at no cost to you.  Look for my coupon for first time customers!


I look forward to working with you!!!





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Neil Sperling - (7/9/2007 10:36:25 AM) : Wylene
Great Job... as of today 75 friends... you'll hit 100 soon...

Drop by my business tips forum- you may find some helpful tips or add one of yours to my exisiting threads...

Keep up the great work.


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