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Suparna Majumdar
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About Me

I migrated to Canada about 20 years ago. Went to grad school, found a job,

lost it due to down sizing, found contracts as an Engineer, made good money.

Thought my life will go on like this. Worked very hard to make my boss rich.

But that was not the problem.

The problem was four years ago I got struck with an
auto-immune illness called Transverse Myelitis which made me paralyzed
from chest downwards. My whole world fell apart. I recovered to a great
extent but not strong enough to travel to work and put in 10 hours
a day, which I used to do before.
Now I make one of a kind jewelry from home. To see some of my creations, Please visit:



I was also looking for a great home based business, because I was going crazy stuck at home
with no money.

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I thought if you take a look at the stores that are listed on this
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It is
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Set aside some time for yourself and listen to the video.
My id number is 46007.
The potential is enormous.
Let me know what you think.
I make jewelry in my spare time. See some of my work on


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