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About Me

Greetings, my name is dr gene bonebright I have made 27 trips to Jamaica, not for the sun and warm sea but to be a help to the people and schools. While visiting there I have made many friends and contacts. The expenses are about 70% out of my pocket for which I am very thankful for.  To help with these expenses and building funds for a very impressive project or projects in jamaica, I have joined a number of businesses on the internet that will be bringing in funds soon.

These income opportunities are my way of generating a large enough income so we will be able to plan and direct a large project in the Jamaican Countryside.    My dream for the project is to purchase a property where a school, a trade school, a college, a retirement home and most of all family Christian group homes where children can live  a "normal" life and learn how to grow into responsible productive Jamaican adults who will be able to stay in Jamaica, make a good living and build a better Jamaica. 
I have written 4 books with a teachers edition to go with each, that I plan to use profits to also fund the projects.
I can only GIVE GOD GLORY for what HE has done and what HE is going to do.
If you would like to help with these projects please help me build my businesses.

Thank you so very much.

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DESIRE@Karen Carcel

Desire is the serum of the soul secreted to the universe in thought
Binding the energies of creation form given genesis in one new Image.
I am, I am what I will I will what I believe I believe what I Accept
I accept what I love I love what I am I am.

Have a nice day

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