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Inside Cornet - (1/4/2011 8:02:49 AM) : HI h r u friend Happy New Year
Richard Gabriel - (4/20/2010 9:20:48 AM) : Thank you for accepting my invitation to be friends. I wish you all the Best! - Rich
Peter Van Nieuwenhoven - (2/3/2010 11:31:17 AM) : thanks for adding me as a friend
Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (1/5/2010 4:48:58 PM) : Happy Birthday
Felix Zbinden - (10/30/2008 7:48:13 AM) : Hi Monica

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Ken Wolff - (10/8/2008 7:26:00 AM) : Monica is Hot! It is obvious that she has the brains to go with it. She appears to be a mover and a shaker, a good person to have on your team. Ken
Ali Elayan - (7/26/2008 12:58:27 AM) : very pretty
Ron Eagle - (6/24/2008 7:12:11 AM) : OOOPS It's me again.

I just looked at your different links that you are promoting or offering.

Is there a reason why you have not included ASD on your list of recommended advertising sites.

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Vernon Johnson - (12/13/2007 5:14:21 PM) : Hi Monica,

You look so happy and bright. That's how we all should be.

Have a look at this video
I am making some short video's, hopefully funny ones and putting them on the net after Xmas.

Let me know if you want to see them.

Best wishes

Monica S. - (11/1/2007 2:43:00 PM) : Thanks a lot Dan


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