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Kevin Faler
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About Me
About Me

I am a veteran of the US Navy who is currently still serving our great nation of the United States. I will be retiring in about 3 years and am married with 3 wonderful children. I enjoy life and am always looking for ways to secure the future for my family and to change the world one website at a time or one program at a time. I am a Microsoft OEM Systems Builder Partner, which equals to me testing their new software before it goes up for sale to the public and I also build computrers and am certified from Microsoft to sale their products.

It's kind of interesting I think but I am looking for my own Million dollar success so my family doesn't have to worry.

I am a striving internet business man who is always looking for the perfect marketing and advertising for my internet businesses. I am also involved witha new form of email which will change the whole world of emailing and stop spammers and online marketers. If you are interested in a safe email program that is very safe and secure either for yourself, family, friends or your business please check out the following website or email me and I will send you a personal invite to this program to try for free.


Internet Multimillionaire Is Just Giving Away His List! 250,000 Email Addresses For You. eBlasterProPlus

My online business website that I have designed and built myself is here: Unclewrongway & Co.


If  you would like to know more about me then just email me and just for reading this, I would like to give you a free e-commerce webstore.Free Gift

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