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About Me

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So... You thought you could come here and be nosey, did ya???

I am in charge of security on this page and I have got my eye on you...Well, if you've arrived here in the right order, then you will have already seen what I do to make a living. But if not, you may do so by clicking the 'Web Page' tab above once you've finished reading this page.

Because the web page I mentioned above is all about my business side of life, I won't go into any of that here, no... This page is all about that other side of me, being a loving partner, father and all round prankster and comedian.

Born March 10th, 1969 I was certainly a bit of a handful for my dear old mum... Ok, here goes...

Well, I was born in Fulham, London UK and lived there most of my younger life. I also live in a few other places in London, Wandsworth, Chelsea, Norwood, to name but a few.

For about 5 years, I lived between Clacton-On-Sea and Colchester in Essex, UK, before I moved to Spain.

I certainly miss the Spanish sun, sea, sangria and senoritas...I lived in Benidorm, Spain for 9 years and miss it very much. I do hope to be moving back to Spain some time soon. In the next couple of years when my kids are a bit older infact.

I have a son called, Enrique (Quique) from a previous relationship who is was born, July 1999. He still lives in Spain, but I have him here with me during the school holidays.

My two children that live with me here, are my son Oscar (Blue) born December 2003 and my gorgeous little daughter, Macy (Princess) born on my Birthday, March 2005.

*** This Page Is Still Being Built ***
*** Please Pop Back Again Soon ***

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Fernando Guasch - (3/7/2011 2:46:23 AM) : Come join us at The Art World forum.
Maryann Borzillary - (5/12/2008 6:46:45 PM) : Needs the service I provide for his businesses
John Partington - (10/18/2005 12:50:21 PM) : David is a really nice guy and will help you if he can, he is a true friend here at Adlandpro and if your not a friend of David you should be.

Many Thanks
David G Smith - (10/18/2005 12:50:21 PM) : Wow...

Thank you so much, John.

These ratings are amazing. Apart from one rating of 9, I have received 10's right across the board.

Thank you, John and thank you all so very much...
Ana Maria Padurean - (9/24/2005 3:59:54 PM) : Hi David,

I like very much your "Web Page", "About me", your Forums, and everything (I see) you do. That is why I rate you with a 10.
One more thing: congratulation, once again for being "The Person of The Week" you deserve it entirely.
Wish you the best of ... whatever you want,
Paul Underwood - (9/8/2005 6:25:34 AM) : He is Ace
David G Smith - (9/8/2005 6:25:34 AM) : Hello, Paul and thanks...

Your a trump card yourself, mate...
Randall Parks - (9/6/2005 9:29:00 AM) : Very professional looking. I was referred to your profile by Harold Coram
David G Smith - (9/6/2005 9:29:00 AM) : Hi, Randall...

Thank you very much for such a high rank, your gesture has been noted.

Take care my friend...
Sweetgrame :-) - (9/5/2005 6:11:53 PM) : Hi David,

I gave you a 10 because it looks like you worked very hard to become successful. I'm impressed with everything that you have done. I signed up for your newsletter, & will read it with great interest.

Your Friend,
Sweetgrame (Roz)


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