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Theresa Siegel

Theresa Siegel
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About Me
Hi- I'm Theresa - a SAHM of 3 young girls ages 8,6 and 4. I have been a SAHM since June 2002. Prior to that I was a Training Manager for a commuter airline working out of St. Louis MO. I worked with the airlines for 17 years. Then in 2002 my husband Mike was transferred to West Virgina forcing me to quit my job (which by that time I had grown to hate anyway). We spent 5 years in West Virginia. We were again recently transferred to east central IL. Starting in a new place with a new home I decided to start my own business with Shaklee. Since the girls were born I have been very interested in using safer products in our home and it just made perfect sense to buy those products from myself. I am also interested in general health, nutrition, weight loss, helping to save our planet and gardening. With Shaklee I can focus on my passions and earn an income. I am also an avid book reader and will read just about anything I can find time to read. Though with young children sometimes that can be difficult. I love to garden and have learned to can what we grow. I also like NASCAR, but find little time to watch that since having children too - haha! Thanks for taking the time to visit my page.
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Donovan Baldwin - (9/9/2009 11:24:31 AM) : Hello Theresa. Thanks for dropping by my profile. I have posted a link to YOUR profile on my forum, The Independent Entrepreneur, under the topic; Who Dropped by Today


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