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About Me

Micki Scheuerman here, I've had a birthday! Thinking carefully about

not having any more,but the Lord has blessed me in finding what  works for me to keep me feeling a young 79 years.

When I retired to take care of my 92 year old Mother,I decided to learn

the Internet, really wanted to stay intouch with friends and family.My

Mom could'nt believe we could get a letter that was written that day

from family!

You can guess the rest! I got hooked on this BOX, hey, I could use extra

money and OF COURSE! I got started!


                Now For The Rest Of The Story



I've been with Adlandpro for about 2 years, they are the best. The Forum

with the most wonderful people that help you and work together in so

many unselfish ways, come sign up to help Abused Children, for one that is

most important.

For the past three years I have been into several companies that there was

no instructions or help,it was just your money they wanted.I finally learned

by being mentored how to check out the companies that made claims they

could'nt back up.I hav'nt got time for the HYPT and lies they tell you.At my

age (feel like I  am about 50) no matter how I feel, I need to get things going.

I have found where I am going, I love my company, what it has done for me

and what it will do for others, I am Proud to offer it to others.

Thanks for visting and have a GREAT day,it is a day that God has made for


Until we meet,






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