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Albert Morin
BirthdayFriday, December 01, 1961
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LocationHope, Idaho, United States United States
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About Me

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska my family travelled quite extensively as my father was in the military. I would later join the service myself and serve two and a half years with the Oregon Air National Guard and then six years active duty US Marine Corps. I married my present wife in 1994. My wife and I have three children together, a 17 year old son named Benjamin a 15 year old daughter named Hannah and our youngest Samuel is a a boy presently 3 years old. I have a 4 year degree from Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon and a Naturopathic Doctors Degree form Dr. Clayton's School of Natural Healing in Birmingham, Alabama. I have given sereral natural health lectures and very much admire the work Dr. Samuel C. West, N.D. founder of the International Acadamy of Lymphology . I look forward to making many Adlandpro friends and in getting to know one another!... GOD BLESS ....

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Michael... Clayton - (9/5/2012 9:22:08 AM) : Hi Albert Thanks for keeping in contact. Please join my Australian Business Contacts community. There are some great health related video's and cancer cures. You may have some good information to add Regards Michael
Barb Doyle - (9/5/2007 5:50:14 PM) : Hi Dr. Albert,

Just stopped by to say hi. I hope all is well with you. I appreciate your friendship. Never forget how awesome you are. I'm here to help you in anyway that I can. Have a great day!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

Good news!
Janice& Gary Hawkins - (1/26/2006 5:53:41 PM) : Greetings Albert Morin,

Gary and Janice Hawkins just left your website and was impressed with all the information there so we rated you a 10 out of 10. We can see you are one of those Special People, that is good! We would like to encourage others to visit your your site too. There is much to see there! If we can ever be of any assistance please let us know okay? We wish you Good Health, Great Prosperty and Smaller Fuel Bills as well!respectfully, your new friends in Lewiston, Idaho, USA.
Albert Morin - (1/26/2006 5:53:41 PM) : Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Janice Hawkins

Thank you so much for your kind words.

My heart goes out to Special People like yourself that take the time to "bless the lives of others" through "small acts of kindness", "great things can happen!"

May 2007 be especially kind and may you find the "good things in life that are worth hanging on to".

As I invite all the world so I invite you too, Please do what it takes to become active members in our world organization .... International Net Friends dot Org ... Let's unite the world together as friends!

Your Friend,

Albert Morin
International Net Friends dot Org
Manjeet Singh - (1/14/2006 11:36:49 PM) : Thank you for asking for my friendship - much appreciated. Very impressed with your INF and look forward to directly benifitting from once my membership is accepted.
God Bless.
Albert Morin - (1/14/2006 11:36:49 PM) : Manjeet Singh thank you so much for your rating.

It is an extreme pleasure to have you listed as a friend and to have your accepted membership.

As our 301st member with an effective date of January 14, 2006. Manjeet Singh is from Singapore and is a valued member of our growing world INF Organization. It has taken me a whole year to write and thank him for his rating and comments.

Unfortunately, shortly after Manjeet Singh joined INF Org, we had to shut down for much of 2006.

Now for 2007 we are back and hope to have our site in better working order by February 2007.

Like my other INF friends and associates, I want you to know that you are not forgotten, that my heart and blessings still pour out the love and friendship I have to offer.

I wish you a blessed year 2007...

... GOD BLESS you my friend ...
Kathy Clouse - (1/13/2006 4:14:50 PM) : Like I promised, I went to your web site and what you do is almost exactly what we are doing. This is such a blessing, people should work together. You have a great site and a great mission. Thank you for inviting me to share this with you.
Albert Morin - (1/13/2006 4:14:50 PM) : Thanks Kathy

It is an honor to call you a friend. You have such a caring heart.

Wishing you the best in 2006.

Your Friend,
Albert Morin
Leon Horton - (11/27/2005 8:31:48 PM) : Albert is a friend to everyone and is deserving of the rating of 10. He is an asset to AdlandPro and I am proud to have him as one of my friends.

Have a happy birthday week Albert!

Albert Morin - (11/27/2005 8:31:48 PM) : Thanks Leon

You are a good friend and I greatly appreciate you for I find you very honest, sincere, and giving.

If these three qualities paid a million bucks, you would be a billionaire!

Thanks for your friendship!

God bless!


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