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Knight (k.c.) Duerig

Knight (k.c.) Duerig
BirthdayMonday, January 08, 1945
Member SinceMonday, March 31, 2003
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LocationKing Hill, Idaho, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
I recently retired and am constantly being asked "what are you going to do...?" Well, let's see...for starters, I am actively involved with my local community of King Hill (pop. 150). I'm the certified operator of the community water system as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the system. I'm also vice-president of a local grassroots organization, the Three Island Rural Council, which is getting ready to give away 1000 Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) at our county fair in July as a way of raising energy conservation awarness. On a slightly larger scale, I am a member of our county Planning and Zoning Commission, which meets every week and is dealing with the problems of massive growth, among other things. And on an even larger scale, I am President of the Idaho Rural Coucil, a state-wide grassroots organization. The Idaho Rural Council is committed to preserving the economic well-being of Idaho's family farms and rural communities; to building a more sustainable society which will guarantee positive economic and social choices for present and future generations; to achieving good stewardship of humanity, land, air and water. We endeavor to educate, organize, and empower farmers and the general public to develop community and state leadership, to build coalitions and to employ only legal and ethical means, consistent with democratic principles to achieve this mission. As a part of this job, I serve on the Board of Directors of the Western Organization of Resource Councils, a seven state coalition of similar groups. On a more personal level, I am a member of the Visual Arts Committee of the Mountain Home Arts Council. I carve elk antlers into jewelry, pins, necklaces, earrings, etc. (Http:// and this envolves at least one show a month. And then there are the plans for our property: I have to build a barn, then a shop/garage then add a two-story house to the shop/garage and then put a greenhouse on the front of the house. All of this while catching up on a neglected yard and garden.I figure this will keep me busy for at least 10 years. Oh, and of course, there is my slight envolvement with the internet...:>) In my spare time, I'm looking forward to going fishing!
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Tom Wade - (1/2/2007 10:22:41 AM) : Doesn't try to drown you with offers, but advice solid.
Amy Grant - (10/4/2006 10:16:10 AM) : What a clever and witty man this is! Thanks for all you contribute, and for making me smile on a regular basis...K.C. is an Adland asset!
Tim Southernwood - (1/25/2006 6:32:53 PM) : Talented artist/carver!
Anne-Marie W - (5/6/2005 6:31:14 PM) : You are very talented!
is gorgeous.

The Cardioman James Kinney - (2/16/2005 7:16:27 AM) : Knight,
I love the content of your web site.
The information on the elk antlers is oustanding. I was raised in Oregon and Washington around elk and I even learned some things I never knew.



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