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Janet Legere

Janet Legere
BirthdayMonday, June 14, 1954
Member SinceSaturday, February 05, 2000
Last ActivityTuesday, January 17, 2012
LocationCalgary, Alberta, Canada Canada
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About Me
I am committed to helping others learn to maste simple techniques to build a list of interested prospects Anyone can learn to make money online! I can show you how simple it really is.
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La Nell ! - (11/13/2011 11:19:40 PM) : Hi Janet, Nice to know you. LaNell
Stephanie Kagiwada - (6/14/2011 6:38:24 PM) : Happy Birthday Janet!
Soner Isik - (1/11/2011 1:21:49 AM) :
Cheryl Maples - (6/14/2010 4:53:25 AM) : Happy Birthday, Janet! Have a great day! Cheryl
Liliana Vartolomei - (10/1/2009 6:54:33 AM) : Hi Janet
You are an amazing person,your advices are priceless and I admire all your work.You are friendly and always help other and as I said once :You are a good teacher. All my appreciation for you.

Kindest Regards!!

Liliana V.
Michael... Clayton - (9/15/2009 3:35:43 AM) : Hi Janet nice to have you as a friend. Please visit my main forum thread and post your opportunities so many more members can get to know what you do online. Just click on forum on my profile and look for the main thread. Regards Michael
James Rogoza - (2/22/2009 9:38:01 PM) : I LIKE YOUR SMILE LORD BLESS JIM
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