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Doreen Likness

Doreen Likness
Member SinceTuesday, October 01, 2002
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LocationKamloops, British Columbia, Canada Canada
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About Me
I have lived in many parts of Canada and there is no place that did not feel like home. Our last move was from Toronto to Calgary AB. I moved from Calgary; a few yrs. ago to lovely Okanagan B.C. area. I am an active retired Emerg. nurse, volunteering in my church community, as well as in Habitat For Humanity and have done so at the Red Cross; Volunteering is very rewarding and at times rather demanding, but the camaraderie is terrific. I like to walk, dance, sing, read, and if it works out to take a couple of Cruises each year. I travel alone and so far so good. I have put my order in for a gentleman senior who would like to be my friend or maybe even a traveling companion.
Life is good and God is generous with many daily blessings for which I am ever so grateful.
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