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Eddy Pierre Pierre

Eddy Pierre Pierre
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About Me
About Me

My name is Eddy Pierre Pierre. I like to think of myself as a "regular guy,living a regular life" I am also part of a team of entrepreneurs
called Donate2Profit.

Thanks for visiting my page! If you wish to know more about what I am promoting, you can visit these pages:

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Ralph White - (12/10/2015 4:51:40 PM) : “Your journey is completely yours. It is unique. Others may try to steal part of it, tell it in their words or shape it to suit them. Reality is, no one can live it or own it but you. Take charge of your journey, it's yours and yours alone!
Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (7/16/2015 12:15:45 PM) : Welcome back to networking Eddy, I returned several weeks ago. Have a winning day.
Gregory Cole - (7/1/2015 10:41:39 PM) : Hello Eddy, I noticed you joined my forum. Thank you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you grow in your business.
Danny Kuhlmann - (3/25/2015 1:34:36 AM) : If you co pay on meds is $10 or more you need this, we also have insurance for dental and glasses and pet meds, you can also do this job giving out free cards and making money helping people.
Mohamed Hassan - (1/29/2015 8:03:33 PM) : The harder you work the luckier you become!
Susan Germain-wachs - (1/14/2015 1:21:03 AM) : Best of luck.
Ons Consultants - (1/5/2015 7:55:15 AM) : its not typed incorrect sorry....:(
Ons Consultants - (1/5/2015 7:53:37 AM) : HHmmmm....! Don't know why the URL not working but when I used to search on search engines by typing then works. So you can simply type Thank you....!
Diane Bjorling - (12/28/2014 5:32:20 AM) : A bit of a late message, but hope you and yours have had a good Christmas. May 2015 be a good year for you
Eddy Pierre Pierre - (5/21/2012 8:30:38 PM) : Well, thank you Ralph. You too, you have a great day!


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