Who is Lillian K. Tillman?

Lillian K. Tillman

Lillian K. Tillman
BirthdayWednesday, June 02, 1943
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LocationChicago, Illinois, United States United States
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About Me
About Me



I'm Lillian Katherine Tillman, a homebased business owner

I am involved in e-commerce, now offering business services.

      Business   Services


-  Virtual Assistant services...offline clerical, administrative, bookkeeping a


         assistance for homebased businesses.



     -  Purchase Real Estate, sale of real estate, advise on both sale and purchase...


    -  Looking to join an affiliate marketing program and make money for

        promoting the merchandise of other vendors.




    -  Get local and long distance phone service, T1, DSL High Speed Internet

       services at:


   -  Discounted mercandise for sale, email me at

     for annoucements, updates, on great products,  if you are a

     gift shop, sell at swap meets, fundraising,


     I can give you a great discount on merchandise, that you can

     purchase for re-sale, or for your personal use.  We have

     a great deal on gift cards to be used, for purchase from

     our catalogs, which I can mail to you, upon request. 



     Lillian C. Tillman

     email address:





  -  Products for personal, health & wellness care at: 


   - Travel, vacations, tours, cruises, see....


I welcome your feedback, questions and comments relating to my services or

e-commerce in general


Thanks for dropping by,


leave your email address, contact information,


Lillian K. Tillman, CEO

Johnson's Mailing Service

(773) 224-2484

fax # (773)  224-7958

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Donovan Baldwin - (11/27/2009 12:21:40 AM) : Hello Lillian. Thank you for allowing me to be your friend.
Joelees Wholesale - (7/5/2007 8:32:37 AM) : Hi Lillian,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee


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