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The Cardioman James Kinney

The Cardioman James Kinney
BirthdaySaturday, May 09, 1936
Member SinceMonday, December 01, 2003
Last ActivityWednesday, July 31, 2013
LocationHouston, Texas, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
James was born in Colville, WA May 9, 1936 raised in Washington and Oregon. Attended various schools due to the nature of the loging industry. Graduated from Sisulaw High School in Florence Oregon in 1954 (If your mother of father attended school during 1950-1954 I probably knew them.) After graduation I joined the Army I entered on Oct. 1954 and was released (Honorable) in Oct. 1957 Most of my time was spent in the 66th Engr company stationed first at Ft. Bragg, NC, untill the Company Commander took his whole company AWOL and finally had us moved to Ft. Polk LA. Of course shortly after that the Company Comander, was court marsheld and broken down to a SP3. Since being released I have been the butcher, printer, aircondition installer.air condition service rep, sold mail order shoes and taylor made shirts done cabinent making, remodeling and only the Lord knows what else. Some times I would ask "Why me Lord?" and he would answer "Because I feel you need the experience!" While doing all of this I spent 35 years working (full time) for some of the largest printing companies in Houston, TX. Billie was born in Oakdale, LA Sept. 3, 1937, Her father passed away when she was very young. After a period of time her mother (Edna) married a carpenter by the name of John Nickolas (An extremely good carpenter but an abusive man) and their primary home was in Leesville, LA. It was there while I was in the service that I met Billie and it was love at first site. But we didn't start dating for several months. When I first went to Billies house to pick her up, John (Her step father) came out ranting and tried to run me off! I told him that I was going to date Billie and I could come pick her up like a man, or I could slip around and meet her somewhere else. I also told him I might even marry her! I guess this changed his mind about me because after I left, he told her to get in his truck, and when I arrived at the church we were going to, he was sitting there with Billie! He told her that I could come to the house to pick her up. There is quite a story to our courtship and what we went through on our wedding day July 31, 1956 (But that would take several pages, and I would imagine you are probably bored by now!) The most important day of my life was on Easter Sunday 1955 when I walked the isle of East Leesville Baptist Church and invited Christ into my life as my personal savior. (This was after a 3 month battle with satan trying to prevent me from making a decision.) I praise the Lord daily for providing a great mistress, wife, mother to our children, and closest friend. (Close friends tell you when your are in error!) And I err a lot! Billie has kept me from straying of the straight and narrow path for 54 years.
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Alain Deguire - (5/8/2012 8:11:55 PM) : Hello James! This is your day and I want it to be as Unique and Wonderful as You are. Have a magical and blessed birthday!
Sylwester Witkiewicz - (2/29/2012 7:44:59 AM) : Earn about 1.5% per day from the investment, working 10 minutes a day.
Rick Corliss - (1/9/2012 11:52:36 PM) : Hey Cardioman, It's nice to have a friend who may be crazier then I am. Ole Wolf Brother
The Cardioman James Kinney - (12/8/2011 2:12:13 AM) : Becky, Thanks for your well wishes, I am blessed on a daily basis.
Becky Cheng - (12/7/2011 2:34:52 PM) : Hi James and Bellie: Good to meet you. Have a prosperous year!
Kevin Benard - (11/29/2011 4:02:36 PM) : Thanks Mr. Kinney, I really appreciate the offer. I'm currently away from Houston here in Saudi Arabia. I love your story. It's says a lot about your determination. I would love to be friends here on Adlandpro, so if there's anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. Hope to here from you soon....Kevin, yours in internet marketing mastery.
Troy Richeal - (7/19/2011 3:28:40 PM) : Hello James Kinney Take a look at this and see what the fuss is all about
The Cardioman James Kinney - (6/11/2011 7:18:30 PM) : Grace, Thank you for your contact. I really don't have an interest in receiving your photos in person, but if you will post a photograph of your head and sholders in your profile I would consider looking at it. I do have a question. If you were to die in the next few seconds, do you know without a shadow of a dought where you would spend eternity?
The Cardioman James Kinney - (5/7/2011 3:19:46 PM) : Adil, Wouldn't be simpler to just post your picture in your profile? That way more people will be able to see it and decide if they want to invite you to be their friend.
Patrick Pierre - (4/24/2011 1:08:16 AM) : Happy Easter!


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