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Ed Young
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About Me

Hello To All,

I am not good in actually talking about myself but i am one that stay busy for the Lord Jesus!! I am involved with getting the word of god out across the country and in any other place i can get an open door! I pastor in a small community in Alabama i am an unpaid pastor/evenglist that loves all gods children no matter where they are and no matter who they are! I believe we are all god's creation but not all his children and the scrip-tures back me up on this one! Nevertheless i believe strongly in doing good to all men as often as i have the opportunity! I am a father of 5 one is not among us, is gone on to be with Jesus died at 7 months old in fact he is my only son Ezra Eleazar Young, i have 4 daughters the youngest being 16 thank god the rest are all grown!! Hey i hope to build a strong friends list because the bibles says if a man desire friends he must show himself friendly!! I love helping when i can so i suppose that's enough about me!

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Ed Young - (10/1/2005 11:59:20 PM) : Thank you so much if i can ever be of any service please feel free to call on me!
Tony Beach - (9/11/2005 8:05:51 PM) : Hi Preacher ED,
How are you today?

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Ed Young - (9/11/2005 8:05:51 PM) : Thank you
Janice& Gary Hawkins - (9/10/2005 7:44:20 PM) : Greetings Bishop Ed Young,

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