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Branka Babic
Branka Babic: 1591 days ago

One of most inspiring pics found lately: Pablo Picasso learning ballet

Michael Motha
Michael Motha: 1591 days ago

am not going to call by name I mean legend picasso
Mirjana Jekic
Mirjana Jekic: 1591 days ago

amazing!!! LOL
Eli Ivanova
Eli Ivanova: 1591 days ago

It's really unique pic!
Christina Ann
Christina Ann: 1591 days ago

I love seeing photos like this.. Thanks Branka ;-)
Sadia Khawar
Sadia Khawar: 1591 days ago

nice :)
Branka Babic
Branka Babic: 1590 days ago

Thanks girls. I tried to thank you many times this day, but I have a big problem with posting the last few days. I eventually see 5 of 30 posted images, and lose 10 posts before succeeding in posting 1. It must be Windows 8 magic :( and I am waiting for my son to pop in and to solve those things.
Sadia Khawar
Sadia Khawar: 1590 days ago

it's okk there is no problem saying thanks late, you're always welcome :)
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