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Diane Bjorling
Diane Bjorling: 579 days ago

This post is for members of Adlandpro who for whatever reason are not using profile images or using images that may not convey what you want ( this includes me by the way lol)

Why a Great Profile Picture is a Blogger’s/Marketer's Most Powerful Tool - And How to Get One
Jim Allen
Jim Allen: 579 days ago

They aren't networkers for the most part they are paid ad placers, hoping to hit some magic lottery. Unfortunately this is taught by some of the "quoted" most successful Affiliate training programs out there. Without mentioning names there are about 5 that captures and misleads so many first timer marketers and networkers.

They are told to place an ad anywhere they can place them. Profiles are just added time wasting steps to these folks. I know made those mistakes some 20 years ago when such mistakes didn't matter because folks were so easily lead down the wrong paths.
Diane Bjorling
Diane Bjorling: 579 days ago

While I will agree with what you have said Jim and you are correct, I am also seeing many people who "want" to network/market or whatever and they are not doing the basic steps to help get them noticed. Sharing these kinds of tips from time to time is useful and certainly cant hurt anyone.
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