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Jim Allen
Jim Allen: 1030 days ago

The antitrust ruling against Microsoft was the top of the dot-com boom. History could repeat itself with Google

The tech industry is in a boom right now. We know that every boom has its bust.

But the hard part is figuring out when the turn will happen.

You're probably familiar with this chart. It's the historical tech-heavy NASDAQ index from its inception to the present date:

See that quick rise and fall? That was the dot-com boom and bust.

(There are other more accurate measurements of the total value of tech companies, but this is a pretty good proxy and one that's commonly used, so let's run with it for the sake of argument.)

If you zoom in a little bit on the peak of the dot-com craze, between 1998 and 2002, you can see that the NASDAQ peaked in March 2000. March 24, to be exact:
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