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Jim Allen
Jim Allen: 1095 days ago

The President’s Address of Lies
January 21, 2015 by Daniel Greenfield

When everything on the last page looks so bad, then it’s time to turn the page, offer up a minor variation on the same promises about infrastructure, income inequality and education, before going back to a busy schedule of playing golf, visiting foreign countries on pseudo-vacations and ruling unilaterally without regard for the other two branches of government that don’t control the military.

There are the false claims of victory in the War on Terror. Obama claims credit for the withdrawal from Afghanistan without accepting responsibility for the defeat. There is no mention of Yemen and Libya, which showed up in his 2013 address, now that both countries have been overrun by terrorists.

Turning the page means not having to read any bad news.

Having dragged the United States into two new wars, one in Libya and one in Syria, Obama sneeringly denounces Republicans and more serious Democrats who want to drag the country “into costly conflicts that strain our military and set back our standing.” By that he means imposing new sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, instead of letting a terrorist state have a nuclear bomb.

In fact it’s Obama, not Republicans, who brought the United States into a proxy war with Iran in Syria while at the same time allowing it to go nuclear in the single greatest act of strategic insanity in history.

Instead Obama urges that we use “all elements of our power to defeat new threats and protect our planet.” Like inviting James Taylor to play in Paris. The terrorists must have been terrified.

Obama is already claiming credit for beating ISIS, even though ISIS has actually doubled the land it controls since his airstrikes began. But that just means ISIS won’t be mentioned in the 2016 address.

The page will once again have
Jim Allen
Jim Allen
Jim Allen: 1095 days ago

Momma Grizzly speaks with honest tongue,

Let’s be honest. Tinkering in the margins of the tax code isn’t going to bring lasting prosperity to America’s middle class. Our tax code needs major reform. Mr. President, if you truly seek equality in the tax code, then let’s talk about a flat tax. Let’s get rid of all the loop holes carved out by the wealthy and politically connected. Bring us together to pass sensible flat tax legislation. Every American will thank you on tax day! The only people who will hate this are those who are benefitting from the current convoluted tax code with its thousands of special interest exemptions and carve-outs. Enough of this faux-populism about taxing the rich while protecting the broken tax code that benefits them. Mr. President, if you truly care about equality and fairness, give us a sensible flat tax.
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