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Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons: 1391 days ago

Dear Mr. President,
I was under the impression that our constitution guarantees each and everyone of us the rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Knowing of no other way I write this letter and make it public. I honestly believe that I not only speak for myself but for the tens of thousands who have tried to obey the law and sign up for Obama Care. For low income families such as myself it is quite unaffordable and too, we are going to be faced with fines, fees, or penalties for something we already cannot possibly afford. I know it was designed to help people but for the seriously low income families it creates and adds to the hurt and hardships of families who like myself are simply trying to survive. If something comes along and takes away from one's ability to provide and feed their family. Is this not a threat on someone's life? If something comes along (wether a law or not) that forces someone to do something they cannot possibly afford. Is this not a threat on our liberty? Our right for the freedom to choose? If something should come along that overburdens an already struggling families right to exist and forces them to have to break the law. Is this not a threat to one's pursuit of happiness?
I know what it is like to hold the hand of a dying sister. The hospital thought she had no insurance. I too wanted and believed in Obama Care but not at the expense of hurting my already burdened family. I know I will be faced with penalties but cannot help and feel compelled to say what I must. I too know that I am only the voice of one but may my voice speak for the tens of thousands who cannot speak for themselves. I know they are out there, I meet them everyday. Obama Care is a violation of our Constitutional Rights. The rights to all Americans. The rights of Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness. I still have faith in you. Please do something. Something is better than nothing at all.
Respectfully and sincer
Hafiz 2013
Hafiz 2013: 1391 days ago

What is Obama care? is it any new policy?
Jim Allen
Jim Allen: 1391 days ago

It's the Affordable care Act or Obamacare because it is supposed to be his marquee legislation. Same thing we've been talking about for 4 or 5 years now. It's a partisan passed law rushed through congress by crazy fascists liberals, and was doomed from the beginning nothing has worked or cost what it was supposed too and now they are going to steal from Medicare recipients to pay for it. Medicare and Social Securit are paid for programs by working americans its not and entitlement program but something we are entitled to. That is the rub because it is not means tested. Billionaires can collect it because they too paid into it. Therefore now its going broke because more of those with means are collecting it shrinking it faster than anticipated since congress has robbed the fund many times. Therefore the safety net meant for those of no or little means would have some kind of secure retirement. Unfortunately the bureaucrats and politicians bunged holed everyone and stole funds from it to pay bills the general fund was to pay for. They called them loans and chose not to repay them while leaving an IOU to show what they took. So yeah folks are a wee bit po'd
Jim Allen
Jim Allen: 1391 days ago

I notice the truth does disturb those progressive liberals something terrible.
Aaron Coates
Aaron Coates: 1391 days ago

Thats okay... try going to court and listen to them tell you that you have the opportunity to prove your innocense. Happened to me, and because I could not prove my self innocent, I was guilty. So I went to prison for 2 years.... for something that I DID NOT do.
Dave Cottrell
Dave Cottrell: 1390 days ago

"The Affordable Health Care Act" (AKA Obamacare) should be called "The Unaffordable Healthcare Act." A lot of people are saying they are going to have to choose between rent/mortgage payments and healthcare...
Arlene Calbo
Arlene Calbo: 1390 days ago

As expensive as health insurance is. Did anyone really think it would be affordable for the average family?
David Rowland
David Rowland: 1390 days ago

Obama's health care act was nothing more than a power play by Obama and his cronies in congress. And because no one read it before it was passed, we are all reaping the rewards of it now, and the folks who supported it are finding out how much of a lie it is, and how foolish and blind they were.
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