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Type: Investing
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Date Created: 1/31/2011
City: McHenry
Address: 311 N River Rd
Phone: 623 695 4654
Description: Since the currencies of the earth are devaluing, persons are starting again to look to gold as a place to store and accumulate their riches. Generally, as the US dollar declines in worth, other world currencies decline as well. BUT, the worth of gold increases. It is believed, by many financial experts, that gold may perhaps rise as high as $6000 an ounce in the next ten years.

Along with the decline of the worth of the US dollar, there is furthermore the decline and instability of classic investments. Again, persons are starting to look to gold as a safer way to accumulate riches. The drawback is, when gold is sold by the ounce, the cost of an ounce is out of reach of too many persons. Many persons, in this time of foreclosures and job layoffs, declining 401K's and failing and falling stocks, do not possess the assets to procure ounces of gold at a time.

When people think of buying gold, many times they think of buying gold by the ounce.

Gold is sold and traded by the troy ounce. The troy ounce is a unit of measurement which is used for precious metals and gemstones. A troy ounce is 1/12 of a pound.

Now gold sold by the ounce is out of reach for many people. Even though many people are aware of the devaluation of currencies going on around the world, they are caught in the current economic cycle of downsizing, foreclosures, and a generally downward spiraling economy? Even traditional investments are not doing well for many people.

A solution that is coming on the horizon, and actually has been available in some parts of Europe is a company that specializes in one gram gold bars. Being able to participate in a gold-backed savings program of a gram of gold is within the reach of most working people.

There is an alternative way to buy gold, which many people have not heard of. That is…buy and sell gold by the gram. There is a company, which is currently doing business overseas, and which will be coming to the United States. Translated, it is known as KB Gold and it has a gold-backed savings program based on grams of gold.

Finally, this is one company that took action as the financial emergency increased, and the fall of traditional investments took place. This company is popularly recognized as KB Gold in English. It is essentially a company that is expanding worldwide and giving individuals an opportunity for a gold-backed savings strategy and additionally an opportunity to grow more income.

KB Gold is a G

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