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Visibility: Public
Type: Computers
Owner: John Podgorskiowns this group. John Podgorski
Date Created: 3/23/2009
City: Chicago
Address: PO BOX 257282, Chicago IL 60625. USA
Phone: 7738827070
Description: I Earned $518 with this as a free member
in the first 5 days now!!..JUST FOR PROMOTING IT!!

Joel Therien just finished putting a
really cool site together that allows you to do two
really cool things!

1. No matter what your tech skills are, the ability
to record REALLY cool videos on the internet
from home.

Most people still don't know how to get video
on to any site. In fact this site is so simple it looks
like it is going to be BAD NEWS for YouTube!

2. You can then send those videos with one click
to anyone you know. Send birthday wishes,
anniversary greetings or I just miss you videos.

3. The ability to build a large money making list
from it!

I really suggest you check it out because at the moment
it is completely free to use. But it is only free during their
beta stage!

Just visit :

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