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Rose Enderud

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Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #25
3/3/2008 2:28:02 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you the

Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro
An on-line exhibition of work by Artists and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

No 25 The artwork of Ryan French

Ryan is a new friend of mine. He is a very talented graphic artist. He makes his prints available in various sizes. You can find pricing on his website. Ryan joined Adlandpro in February of this year. Join me in making him welcome.

About the artist
My name is Ryan French, I'm 33, and I have been a
digital artist for just over three years. Before that,
I was an oil painter but I switched mediums so that I
could focus my attention on creating both alien and
natural worlds, as well as abstracts and tribal art.

I am completely self taught in both areas and I am
continually striving to create more complex and
imaginative worlds. I love creating vibrant colors and
detailed textures in my art.

I am also a musician and composer, and I enjoy writing
poetry in my spare time.

All of my artwork is available as prints in various
sizes, on high quality papers or canvas, with over 140
different framing options. You have full control to
customize your order directly within my online store
in any way you wish, including adding your own text or
graphics to the image.

I also offer my designs on mouse pads, keychains,
calendars, coffee mugs, and other items.

My website is located at:

If you have a website or blog that is dedicated to
art, science fiction or fantasy, I would love if you
would consider linking to my site. If you have any
questions or requests, please contact me at

I wish to Thank Rose for including my artwork in this
exhibition. Thanks so much!

Arts Exhibitions Team

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Nick Sym

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #25
3/3/2008 3:41:37 AM

Hello My Friend !

My internet connection has been down for the last week so I am stopping in quickly to say hi and - Peace !

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Mandra Ljungqvist

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #25
3/3/2008 4:07:28 AM


I'm a Fantasy-fan, so I really like this art.

Thanks for sharig. :)


Jenny SJ

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #25
3/3/2008 5:29:48 AM
Hi Ryan

What more  can I say except for WOW!  You work has a wonderful impact and your colours are, as you say, vibrant!  Love it.

I would love to see your oils too

thanks for the exhibition.

Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #25
3/3/2008 7:29:13 AM

Hi Ryan,  I love castles  so Paradise Lost is one of my top top favs!!!!!!   Beautiful stuff!!!         Elaine


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