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Remember This? It May Be What you Have been Looking for all this time.
1/28/2008 3:31:40 PM

It seems like a long time ago since Adland became part of my life - longer than the two years I have spent here. So I wanted to share some good news with you.

During this time I have learnt a lot about network marketing and certainly enough to give me a very cynical outlook on the business opportunities advertised on the internet.

It seems that everyone is running around looking for something they can work at, invest their time and money in which has a sustainable business plan and is not run by the typical internet marketing opportunists who are here today and gone tomorrow.  As we all know over 90% of these "opportunities" are simply opportunities to find out how NOT to do business on the internet.LOL

That leaves under 10% of business that are legitimate AND sustainable. that we are all looking for.    
Well I found one!!!!  

Remember THIS? February 2007

ASD Cash Generator, run by the legendary Andy Bowdoin, has turned out to be one of the under  10% that  works.  The Company has been through many difficulties, and unlike the vast majority of businesses on the internet, has honoured all its obligations and promises to its members.And it has come through stronger and healthier than ever.  It is a real visible business run by real visible people in a real office who happen to sell an internet advertising product - As in REAL LIFE.

I nearly lost faith - I am glad I did't - with this company you not only get traffic to your site (and real traffic too) you can earn a sustainable income (and they pay) .and it can even become substantial. This is not a get rich scheme - it is a real business.

It  is programme for people who want a steady reasonable income - and even suits people who do not like recruiting.

Check it out for yourself.  Our team is going great guns and growing.

ASD Cash Generator

It may be what you have been looking for all this time.



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